Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's Slides: November 13

Here they are ...


Sarah M. said...

Hi Mr. Kuropatwa! I think that what you are doing with this blog for your students is fantastic! By posting up the slides from each day I'm sure it makes a huge difference for your students. I was not a very good math student in high school (to be honest it scared me to death!) But seeing how many resources you give your students I'm sure it takes away much of the fear!

Sarah M. (Mentor)
University of Regina.

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Thanks for the feedback Sarah. I really do appreciate it.

You should know you don't need a SMARTboard to create an online presence for your classes. There are lots of ways to make this work. Each new bit of technology you can weave into your practice just enhances the ways in which you can amplify your students' learning. I hope this is giving you some ideas about how you can add a blog and other tools to your classes too. ;-)


... and thanks for participating in my classes. It enhances the experience for my students having you and your classmates around.