Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In Our class ,we do mental math. Mr.K Gave us a 10 Question to answer. each Question is all about the spreadsheet Except a and 10.Mr.K taught us how to use the BEDMAS some of us know how to use the BEDMAS and some are not for example =4+8*2=20 This is how the answer got.
we should do first multiplication lot stead of addition Because Division or multiplication must be done first before addition division or subtraction.
But if the Question is written in this way =(4=8)2=24
always remember that we should add first the number inside the column before multiply it.

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Anonymous said...

BEDMAS is a really important trick to use in math. Being able to understand this concept now will help you over the years if you plan on taking any other math. If you know that BEDMAS stands for brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction in these particular order then math is simple.
One thing to think about which I am sure a lot of students have asked is why do we solve equations in this order? I have always asked myself that and the only answer I know is because my teacher told me and that it was just a rule. That could be the case but what do you think?

Rae-Lynn S. (U of R mentor)

Anonymous said...


BEDMAS is a great way to remember the order of operations when doing a math problem. I remember learning it back in my highschool math days. It is especially helpful when you come to tests and the final. It's a great trick to remembering the order so you don't have to study as hard. Making tricks like BEDMAS will help you in your highschool days and especially in University because there is SO much content that you have to study for tests. Great blogging!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was left by Ellyse Haas (U of R) (sorry, I forgot to leave my name)

Tara said...

Acronyms are awesome for learning new things. Even though I haven't heard the term BEDMAS used for a long time, every time I evaluate an equation, I think of it. SOH CAH TOA is another one you will probably learn if you take trigonometry.

Why does this method for memorizing work? Can you make up your own acronym for something you have trouble remembering? If you do, you should share it with your class!

Tara S. (Mentor)
University of Regina