Thursday, November 1, 2007

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I learn the other is how to find the wages and salaries, it sound hard when firts studied it. but its not, If you atten in class irregular,that will be really hard, so I'am attending the class regular,so I its not hard for me and i learn this lesson very well because I attentd the class regularand especially the technique and style of teaching of Mr. kuropatwa.

In this lesson,I leanr lots of things ang technique for example: find the gross pay of a works work 46 hours this week. he paid doble time for every overtime he work. His regular hours per week is 40 hour and He paid $8.00 per hours.
* find the over time hours by subtracting the Total hours to the Regular hours 46 hour - 40 hour =6 hour (overtime pay)
* find the over time pay by multiplying the overtime hours to overtime rate and to wage
6 hours times 2 tmes $ 8.00 =$96.00 (overtime pay)
* find the regular pay by multiplying the regular hours to waege
40 hours times $ 8.00=320(regular pay )
* then last add the overtime pay and regular pay to get the total gross pay $320.00 add to
$96.oo=$ 416.00 this is the <total grosspay >


Lani said...

Hi Jay!

Thanks for your very clear directions on calculating gross pay that includes overtime hours! It is very clear that you did benefit from attending class regularly!!

You mention too that Mr. K's teaching style and technique are helpful in your learning. Can you share one technique that you feel has been most helpful? Do you think this is a technique that other teachers should also use and why?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jay,

You are right, it sure does pay off to go to class regularly! Things are going to seem much easier for you to learn if you continue showing up for class!

Even though I am in University, I know what it is like to miss a class. It is much easier to learn and understand what is going on if I am there to pay attention. It is also very awesome that you enjoy the way Mr. K teaches!

Megan C. (Mentor)
University of Regina

Tara said...

Hi Jay,

I agree that it is WAY easier to learn when you attend class instead of trying to figure it out on your own. A good teacher can help students learn even the hardest work but some stuff is extremely difficult if you miss the lesson.

When I was in high school, a friend of mine missed a lot of school due to sickness and, even though she was really smart, she had a tough time catching up later.

Good for you for realizing the importance of going to school!

Tara S. (Mentor)
University of Regina