Thursday, November 8, 2007

Scribe, November 8, 2007

Today, we did some mental math. Then we headed to the mac lab and did our first spreadsheet/first assignment.

Whats important in spreadsheets is that you have to follow the directions very carefully, using the addresses like for example, C3 .

Today for our assignment we had to copy what was on the spreadsheet and then we clicked the link that brings us to a written part of our assignment, which we had to follow carefully.

If one 'value', 'label', or 'formula' isn't placed correctly, everything will be messed up.

=) There isn't much we did.

The next scribe will be, Deaarly.


x0xbabe said...

mr.k :

my comp is being very grr. atm. so can you please send me an invite for this email. thanks


Anonymous said...

Hello Joyce,

I noticed that you pointed out that you have to be very careful, this is true of all subjects. It is good to see that your class is becoming more familiar with Excel, it is a very powerful program and you can do a lot of different things with it once you learn all the formulas and how they can make your work a lot easier. But like you mentioned be careful because one mistake can mess up an entire spreadsheet.

David C.
University of Regina

Lacey said...


I have seen in my life that spreadsheet can be very helpful. Now that you have worked with spreadsheets for a while have you seen any ways that you can use spreadsheets in your life?

Lacey S (Mentor)
University of Regina