Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogging On Blogging

This is my Blogging on Blogging. during this past month i had learn So many things that i never even thought about. Like a new way of multiplying. In stead of......Pressing on your caclulator 34x36=1224 u can do it this way..

Example: take the two numbers that are the same from each digit. Witch is 3. Add one of them to make it turn to 4. so now you have 3x4 now multiply that together to get 12. then you take the 4 and the 6 that was left over then multiply that together and you get 24. So now you got the answer to the multiplication question. Its 1224 =D


3 x add one to the three = 4

3 x 4= 12

take the left overs

4 x 6 = 24

Now put it together

1224 =D

That was a new multiplication problem that i learn in Class and theres lots more.
In our current assignment spreadsheets. I learned that this symbol ( ^ ) was Exponent on the keyboard and this(
* ) was Multiplication and( / )was Division. Well good luck to everyone on the spreadsheets test and hope you all do well. :D


Kimberly said...

That is a very interesting alternative to the "normal" styles of multiplication. I found it very interesting to read that! I've never heard of that method before. I just might have to try it out sometime! Thanks for teaching that to me and keep trying to discover new and interesting ways of doing math! Good Job!!!

Kimberly J. (Mentor)
University of Regina

justin said...

Haha thanks :D and your welcome