Thursday, November 22, 2007


What I learned in this unit was that spreadsheets is an easy way to use formulas, and organize numbers. I learned that spreadsheets have labels and different types of values. Not only could we put numbersand the different equations but also, we can use Formulas to resolveeach cell. I also learned different types of math tricks in mental mathsuch as when a number is multiplied by 9 you use an easier trick by comparing it by 10.

Examples For Forumlas :

=SUM (B4*B5)


Sol Lederman said...


If you like mental arithmetic tricks you might enjoy this article on my blog and other ones referenced from it:


Sol Lederman said...

Oops. The URL got cut off.

If you go to

you'll see an article in the articles list titled: "Impress your friends with mental Math tricks".

chantelle said...

Your post did a good job of summarizing the most important concepts from your spreadsheet unit. I am wondering: What uses do you think you will have for spreadsheets in your personal life?

Chantelle, UofR Mentor

Crystal said...

Spreadsheets are a very useful tool and it is great to learn how to use them now. I know that my parents use them to organize their income tax and as I am becoming a teacher I know I will use them a lot for entering marks. A Google spreadsheet is also really great because they are just like reguler Excel spreadsheet but you can work on them from any computer that has the internet. All you need is a google account so if you needed to work on your spreadsheet at home or vise versa you can without having to e-mail it back and forth. Just a thought to keep in mind.
Crystal F(Mentor)
University of Regina