Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogging on Blogging

In our last lesson, i learn a lot of things about spreadsheets. I dont know before how do spreadsheet but thanks to Mr. Kuropatwa, i know now how to make an spreadsheet on my own.
Spreadsheet contains a LABELS and VALUES. Before we put anything in the spreadsheet, we must first READ and FOLLOW the directions carefully because if we dont, everything will be mess up. And if we want to put a formula, always remember that always put an EQUAL SIGN because if we dont, the answer not gonna show up. For example, =sum(A2,A3),we can do this too, =A2+A3, this formula are both the same.
About the tricks too in mental math like how to solve 9 multiply into other number like 42. There's an easy way to solve this without using a calculator. this is how it is,


instead we multiply 9 to 42, we multiply 42 to 10 because 9 is close to 10 and 10 is easy to multiply to 42, just put zero after the number 42 then we get 420


then, we subtract 420 to 42 because we only need nine 42 and we multiply it in 10 so we must take one 42 in 420 and we get 387, and that's the answer.

420-42= 378

Its amazing that we are learning this unit because some other young teenager like us dont go to school. So dont waste time, learning everything makes a big changes in our life.

Goodluck in the test,,,,,


Lani said...

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for taking time to describe what you've learned in this last unit!! Very nicely done!

I totally agree with you that learning does make big changes in our lives!! Do you think realizing it pushes you to learn even more??


vincent said...

yes,realizing it pushes us to learn even more,we need to realize what we're doing.if we realize that we done well before,then we push ourselves that we can do well in the future.learning more is not a hard thing to do.


Veronique said...

Great thinking Vincent!
I am impressed by your critical analysis. You are clear and in control of the topic. Keep it up!
Thanks for answering my question!

Veronique Poulin,
University of Regina

Irma said...

Knowledge gives you power, but also to know where to find answers if you don't know. While I am trying to write to you about the power you will generate because you choose to go to school I remembered the following post I read a while ago. I will quote some of it, but you can also go the website if you like.

"I’m sure you agree with me that knowledge is power. I remember I story I once heard about an elderly maid who served her mistress faithfully. She loved her mistress so much that she took care of her even when she was diagnosed of having a terminal ailment. As it is with love and affection, the mistress also replicated this love. Since she did not have any sibling at her point of death, she gave this woman what she would regard as her most precious possession, a small sheet of paper to remember her mistress by. This was enough for the old maid.

This older woman was an illiterate but understood the language of love. As soon as her mistress was diseased, she glazed this sheet of paper and hung it in her own private home. Not long after she was also diagnosed of an ailment, it wasn’t a terminal ailment, neither was in incurable. It caused much pain, and was so expensive to treat. The projected bills were going to be about $30,000, there was no way she’ll ever get this money. She decided to resign to fate, and die. It wasn’t worth it going through such pain at an elderly age. She had suffered for weeks and was at the point where she begged for euthanasia -painless killing.
On the day the doctor came over to her ward with the plan of putting her out of her misery, they decided to have a small chat before the elderly lady bade farewell to this side of life. The lady was excited that her pain would end, and shared with the doctor the high points of her life. In this long discussion, she reached into her bag and showed the doctor one of her most cherished possessions. A glazed sheet of paper she remembers her fondest mistress by. The doctor collected it and took a closer look, his jaw dropped and eyes looked dazed, “what?”. What this woman had glazed was a $1,000,000 cheque. She lived in pain, suffered and was about to end it all, not because she was not rich, not because she could not afford a better life, but because she didn’t know. Knowledge is indeed power.

The good book actually says that a man who is in honour and does not know is like a perishing beast. Knowledge is vital. Information is crucial. Information is a vital ingredient in what you need to move from where you are to where you are going. The definition of power I love the most defines power as the ability to choose. The more options you have, the more powerful you are. Knowledge gives power, the more you know the more options you have. Some of the most thriving businesses today thrive in providing cutting edge information at cutting edge speed. We are in an information driven age… that is not just for our countries and the media, that’s for you and I."

Irma M
(Mentor U of Regina)