Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogging on Blogging =)

Hello, Its me Joyce.

During this past few weeks I have learned alot about spreadsheets and the different kinds of spreadsheets I never knew before.

When doing spreadsheets you always have to read the directions very carefully. If you don't, it won't work.

When you type in a formula, we always have to have an "=" sign (equal sign). If there isn't a equal sign, IT ISN'T A FORMULA, it would be called a value.

A Label is a cell with words and a Value is a cell with numbers.

We looked at google spreadsheets and pbwiki spreadsheets.

This is what I learned in this unit =)

Good Luck on the test everyone =) and take your time =)

Always Smile,


James said...

PFFFFFFFT, Makes Your Post Colourful and Big. PFFFFFFFFT

JoyceC said...

=D i know ;)