Friday, November 9, 2007

Scribe post, November 9, 2007.

Today's class began with our daily Mental math. The questions were almost like a review of what we already knew about Spread sheets. We were given a little over 5 minutes to answer all the questions to the best of our ability, then we exchanged our papers and corrected them as a class.

After handing in our papers to Mr. Kuropatwa, we went to the lab to work on our spread sheet assignments. There are 9 different assignments posted on the site You can also find this link on the last page of yesterday's slides. Each assignment has its own site, be sure to put your link on the right page.

When you've completed the assigment:
1) Make a final save.
2) Publish your work.
3) Get the link to your work.
4) Comment on the correct class blog
5) Include your link and your name in your comment.
* YOUR NAME IS IMPORTANT! No name, no marks.

[ ! ] The next scribe will be Tina.

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