Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wages and Salaries,Hours and Minutes

In our lesson Wages and Salaries, i learn a lot of things that gonna help me when i'm going to get a job.I know now how to get how much money i will earn if i work from this hour and end in this hour,coz some company are not honest to their employee.In finding hours and minutes, it help me too when i'm going to get a job.I learn now how to get the exact hours and minutes if i work from this hour and end in this hour, coz i said before that not all company are honest to their workers. In mental math, i learn a lot lot of things and "tactics" to solve a problem without using a calculator.Its really improve my ability to solve a problem.I feel great that i learn this well.


Autumn Foster (mentor) said...

I am glad to hear that you found your lesson on hours and minutes really interesting! It's important to learn about that stuff because it helps day to day! Also you can plan out more financial stuff now! I know about this especially because I am in university so I have to make sure I work enough hours so that I can pay tuition! Have fun with this lesson!

Lani said...

Hi Vincent,

It sounds like you are really enjoying math this year, especially because you see it's value for you in the future! I can really relate to that.

You mention: "I feel great that i learn this well." You should!! Do you think that great feeling will help you learn even more?

Best wishes,

vincent said...

yah,coz having a great feeling in what i learn, makes me more interesting to this couse that give me confidence that i can say "i learn well before, so i know i can do this more better"!!!

Sarah M. said...


Great to hear that you are picking up on so much this year! I know that it's always nice when you are learning something in school and you can see how it relates to real life. It always made me crazy when I thought "When will I EVER use this!??"
You are right, it is important to know how to figure out how much you should be making at your job. Yes, sometimes employers aren't honest but also sometimes employers make mistakes like everyone else! So if you keep track in the future it will make a big difference.
Also keep working on mental math...I know it's tough but it sounds like your teacher has some great tricks to make it easier! I wish I had a teacher like that when I was in school!

Sarah M.(Mentor)
University of Regina