Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mon October 15, 2007

hey guys we did the mental math yesterday which we normally do in beginning of the class and then he give us five minutes to do the mental math. therefore he give us a quiz to do and after the quiz he went through the quiz with us, i guess that is all i remember from yesterday.

The next person to describe for tomorrow topic is Gail.


Cari said...


It's great that Mr. K starts your classes off with mental math. I think it is very useful enjoyable! What mental math skills are you working on in class now?

Cari T. (Mentor)

Jenelle said...

It sounds like all you do are quizzes! I hope going through them after you write the quizzes helps. I know i like to see where i went wrong and learn how to fix my mistakes for the next quiz.
Jenelle K (Mentor)
University of Regina