Monday, October 29, 2007

Choosing the best option in rising the hourly wage

In our lesson, we didn't do mental math as we usually do instead Mr. K group us into six group. Then Mr. K gave us a problem to solve. The question is about finding the new salary if a worker get a percent rise or a dollar rise in a regular wage,and which option is better take, for example:

The manager give the employee a two option to choose to rise their regular hourly wage, first option, additional $3.00 for every hours a worker work and the second option is 25% rise of their regular wage every hour. The worker regular wage per hour is $10.00.Which option should a worker take to rise his regular wage more higher?


option 1

hourly wage + additional pay= new hourly wage
$10.00 + $3.00= $13.00

option 2

percent rise/100%= decimal answer
25%/100%= 0.25
(decimals)(hourly wage)=additional pay
0.25 x $10.00= $2.50
hourly wage + additional pay=new hourly wage
$10.00+ $2.50= $12.50

The worker should choose the first option because his regular hourly wage rise $3.00 than the second option that only rise by $2.50.

goodluck in the test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JoyceC said...

Hello Vincent,

I liked how you laid out your work =) I liked how you used your own example and figured out a way to solve it =) Amazing Blog Post, keep up the awesome work =)


vincent said...


thanks for the comment, i really appreciate it,:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Vincent,

Awesome scribe post! I really liked how you used color coding to divide the question into two parts. This makes it a lot easier to follow, along with nicer to look at:). Keep up the great work in class, for all of this skills will be useful to you in your life at some point.

Keep it up!
Marie Sarauer(mentor)
University of Regina

Lacey said...

Hi Vincent,
You definetly made the right choice with making the 3.00 raise and hour. It is smart to actually figure out options like that because if you didn't work could really trick you out of money that you work hard for.

I agree with the others that posted comments. You did set up your question in a really nice way. I am always telling my students that to make sure they have neat and organized work in math. I find that it is not worth losing marks just because you couldn't read your own work. Keep up the great work!

Lacey (Mentor)
University of Regina

Jenelle said...

I really enjoy doing group work in math classes! It's always great to hear how other people look at a problem. The more heads the better! I still work in groups to do University math classes! keep up the good work!
Jenelle K. (mentor)
University of Regina

vincent said...

hello lacey and jenelle,

thanks for the comments,i hope my scribe post gonna help the other student that still confuse in this lesson,

thanks again,

best and hugs,