Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hello, today we have learned about different kinds of deductions not all deductions are taxable the one that Mr. Kuropatwa taught us is the union dues deduction when were getting the EI(Employment Insurance) and CPP(Canada Pension Plan) we use the gross pay and when were getting the Federal Tax and Provincial Tax were gonna deduct the non taxable deduction like the union dues to the gross pay and we gonna get the "Taxable Income" and this is what were going to use to get the Federal Tax and Provincial Tax.
Good Afternoon... =)


chantelle said...

Hi Guys,

It looks like you are learning some stuff that is very useful for life, no matter what you end up doing. (In Math? Crazy, I know!) Who would have thought that could happen.... haha.
Anyways, I hope you are all getting something out of this section -- out of all the math I ever took in high school, the stuff that concerns my life and my money was definitely worth paying attention to!

Chantelle D.
University of Regina, Mentor

Lacey said...

Hi Almond,

Wow, I just can't get over the things that Mr. Kuropatwa is teaching you. It all is such practical type of math that is going to help you so much in the future. I never had the chance to learn such things and definitely wish I had because I struggle with things like that now when I have work with my taxes on pay checks.

Lacey (Mentor)
University of Regina