Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On thursday october 11,2007.

well on Thursday we stared the mental math first which we always do in the class when we done the mental math Mr. Kuropatwa he talk to has about the time like when you late at work about 30 minutes what would work people do to you after that Mr. Kuropatwa he put has into groups of numbers and he give a work to do with groups and we talk about it i guess that all we did at day thank you peace out.

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Cari said...

Hi Mary,

I think that is really important to practice mental math because it can really help us out in our daily lives. Your example of not wanting to be late for work is a great example that shows how mental math can help us! What is one thing that Mr. K taught you about using mental math to be on time?

Cari T. (Mentor)