Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogging on Blogging =)

Hello, sorry if i misspelt some words, i can't type on this computer well. Its slow, so anyways.

Everything we've learned about wages and salaries are kind of easy to me.

Finding the gross pay by multiplying how many hours you worked and your regular hourly pay.

Gross pay = (Regular Hourly Pay) (Hours you worked)


Gross pay = ($9.00) (40) = $ 360.00

Then it gets more specific if you worked more hours than usual. Then you have to figure out their overtime hours, then their overtime pay. After you figure out those two, then you have to find your regular hours and your regular pay. After all of that, you add the overtime pay and the regular pay.

Step 1
Add all the hours together
Step 2
Figure out your overtime hours (Subtract total hours by your regular hours)
Step 3
Overtime pay = (wage)(Overtime hours)(overtime rate)
Step 3
Regular pay = (wage)(regular hour)
Step 4
Gross Pay = Overtime pay + Regular Pay

Chang M.
M-10 T-7 W-8 TH-8.5 F-9
Hourly Wage $7.65
Earns time and a half if they work more than 40 hours.

1. 10+7+8+8.5+9 = 42.5 of hours

2. 42.5 - 40 = 2. 5 overtime hours

3. ($7.65) (2.5) (1.5) = $28.69 overtime pay

4. ($7.65) (40) = $306.00 regular pay

5. $28.69 + 306.00 = $334.69 Gross pay

Pretty simple right? Sometimes its 'double pay' instead of 'time and a half'. Just read questions carefully.

Then we learned about using timecards. The first time, i had a difficult time, but i understood after one whole class and did the questions that were from homework and the example from the smartboard.

Sometimes when your a minute late to work, you get 1 quarter(.25) taken away from your pay. Also, pretend your late 16 minutes, then it would be half (.5) taken away. And so on..

I found it alot easier if you keep practicing on the questions that you have most difficult. For me, I'm still rusty on my timecards. But if i keep practicing the questions all over. It would be easy for me at the end.

Remember everyone, do your homework. =)
Also! Good Luck on the test =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,
Just checking your BOB. You did a great job at explaining this important concept to the class. Are you thinking of being a teacher some day? :) You really seem to have a great grasp on the Gross Pay. It is really cool that Mr. K is teaching you this stuff. Some kids don't have the opportunity to learn it. In fact, I am writing a paper on this exact topic. Keep up the great work, this stuff is actually something you will use after high school.
Michelle M (Mentor)
University of Regina

JoyceC said...

Hello Michelle,
Yes, I am planning to become a teacher one day or at least become a tutor. I just think that what i blogged on my BOB, is my strongest point in the unit. I love to find out the gross pay and work it out more with overtime. Its so interesting.

Also, thanks for the comment,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, you did a really good job at explaining this. I really wanted to do some math after reading it. Math is so much easier when you understand it and enjoy doing it. You will be an excellent teacher one day! Keep up the great work!!!
Andrea H (Mentor)
University of Regina

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce.

I thought that you did an excellent job at explaining this math concept.

In highschool I (unfortunately) was never good at math so understanding simple things like that was really hard. But you did a really good job, and it was easy to understand what you were trying to say, so I would of definitely succeeded in your class if you were a teacher! :D

Good job and keep up the good work.

Toni K. (Mentor)
University of Regina

Anonymous said...

Hello Joyce,
After reading the other comments on your post I noticed that you are interested in becoming a teacher. I think that is excellent.

One part of your post that really stuck out for me was "read questions carefully" This is extremely important as you go forward in your education. I think back to the problems I had with tests in high school and even now as a University student, they can be linked back to not taking my time and reading everything thoroughly. You seem to have a good grasp of the concept and just a little more practice and you will master it in no time.

David C (Mentor)
University of Regina

Jenelle said...

It's great that you are learning how you will be paid in the future! This way when you are out in the working world you can make sure your boss isn't ripping you off! I never got to learn these skills when i was in high school. I just tried to teach myself these skills when I got a job and wanted to make sure i got paid right. I wish i would have taken consumer math in high school!
Jenelle, K (mentor)
University of Regina

JoyceC said...

Thank you for the comments =)

I just think that the way that i put my work down and label the math makes it easier for me and others.

Joyce =)