Wednesday, September 26, 2007

choosing the best account

Yesterday, we learn about choosing the best account but before that, we did first a Mental Math.
we learn how to get the percent of a numbers. for example, find the 5% of 105 and the answer is 5.25, this how i got the half of 105 is 5.25, then move the decimal place by two and you will get 5.25. I have another solution for that, if the Question is find the 5% of 105, find first if how many 5% are there in 100% because 105 is a 100% so, there are 20 piece of 5% in a 100% and that 20 must Divide to 105 and you will get the answer 5.25. And then
we learned about choosing the best account.

The next scribe will be.......cortney


The Vedic Maths Forum India said...

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Lani said...

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for helping me with finding percents.

Did you learn some process or steps for finding the best account? Can you share them? I'm very interested!


Anonymous said...

Hey Vincent,

I just thought I would comment on your mental math steps for finding percentage! They seem very helpful! I was never taught tricks like that when I learned percentages, so it is much harder for me to figure things like this out. But now that you have taught me a little trick, I'm going to try to use it in my future instead of using a calculator!

Little tips like this make it much easier and faster to do math on the go!

Megan C (mentor)
University of Regina

Anonymous said...

Hi Vincent!
I am very curious about the "trick" you wrote on your blog post about percentage. How did you learn it? Are there any other ways of figuring this out? I have always struggled in math and percentage is a very useful tool in knowing how to do. I was just wondering if you would be able to help me out on learning it better. DO you know of any examples where percentage may be used other than in math class?

Andrea H (Mentor)
University of Regina