Friday, September 21, 2007

Scribe Post for september 19

Thursday’s class we started off with some simple mental math and this time we weren’t allowed to use our calculator. Than followed by a continuous group work from the previous day. For our group work we had to finish off a Reconciling Bank Statement. Which I and group no idea how to finish. But after a long time of mistake’s Mr. k finally gave us an understandable way of understanding it. After all that we had some homework. Here it is Exploration 4 all questions.

the next scribe will be Gail

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Lani said...

Hi Lanna,

Bank Reconciliation is a toughie but such an important skill, knowing this from many many years of keeping track of our personal finances!!!

I find that a "long time of mistake’s (I have lots of those) really help me remember the correct understanding!!

Do you think that learning from your mistakes is valuable too?

Best wishes,