Friday, September 21, 2007

I learn on friday about the Credit Cards #2

#1. Subtract 1250 to 250.00 and 249.50 and the new balance is $750.

#2. To find the sum of the number you repeat the same process again.

(Example) #2 $505-$15-$40=$450 the new balance determeans that $505 lose $55 and is left with the balance of $450.

Find 5% of the following-

Example; if 10% of 60 is 6 then 5% means 3% of 60 because it is halved.

The next to discribe is Vincent


JoyceC said...

You talked about the mental math, but don't forget how we also learn't about internet banking, also telephone banking, but also to know our numbers so we don't lose more money on what already spent on. Also we played a transaction game =) which was fun ;D

Hugs From,

Lani said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks so much for the help with the mental math! It's really helpful to me! I have a question about finding 5%. You see I am teaching my husband what you teach me about mental math-- You gave an example: if 10% of 60 is 6 then 5% means 3% of 60 because it is halved. I understand everything until I read the 3%. I'm stuck here-- can you help me?

Joyce mentioned that you also learned about telephone banking! Can you tell me a bit about how that works?