Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today's Slides and Homework: Sept. 6

Here they are ... your homework is on slide #25 ...

To see a larger image of the slides go here. When you get there you'll see a button in the bottom right-hand corner that says [full]. Click it and the slides will display in full screen mode.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i got to your site via the weblog of Pierre Gorissen who is my collegue. I think you're so right about the path to success! Especialy the curve of forgetting appeals to me, i often used it with my students and my own childeren and it gives them lots of quick wins once they realize how it works.
All the best from the Netherlands, cheers, hans f.

JoyceC said...

I also think that the curve of forgetting appeals to me too. Its pretty cool when i saw it the first time. Its so true!