Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Consumer Math 20S (Fall 2007): September 10, 2007 Scribe

Consumer Math 20S (Fall 2007): September 11, 2007 Scribe
today, we have started solving 10 rapid math questions. After that, we are divided into 6 groups with 3 members each. we also started a new lesson, the lesson is about keeping records. unfortunately i was not in the class because we were called in the MPR an discussed something important matter.
in this case, i read and study the lesson by myself to have something to share with you!
in my readings and by studying the sample transaction records in the book i have learned the importance of record keeping.
1. Accuracy- means having a up-to-date records so that we know how much money we spend and earn.
2. Completeness of data - tells you when, where and how your money is spent or deposited or withdrawn.

it is important that we keep track on what financial transactions such as deposits and withdrawals that we are making to avoid "NSF" and penalty/ies.

have a good day and God bless you all!!
see yah!

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Lani said...

Hi Junar,

Thanks for reinforcing the importance of good recordkeeping! I knew someone once who recorded all her checks as deposits and kept spending. She was in a mess at the end of the month!

You mentioned you worked in groups today. Despite your absence, can you share what the groups did? Or can one of your classmates comment here to review the group work? I've been following along with your class and that would be really helpful to me--