Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007.

* Sorry this scribe post is a day late, my computer wouldn't let me sign onto my account.

Yesterday, Our class began with the 10 mental math questions. Mr. Kuropatwa gave us 5 minutes to mentally figure out the answers to the questions, then we corrected them together in class. After correcting our papers, Mr. K. quickly asked us individually if we have read the post on Internet safety. The majority of the class said that they read it, and agreed to it as well. For those students who didn't read the post yesterday, hopefully by today you have read it, and if you still haven't, you should take the time to read it since you're already on the blog.

Afterwards, we were separated into 6 different groups to do more class work. The work was similar to the assignment we were given the day before. We had to find the errors on 3 different bank forms. This time, the students weren't as afraid to go up to the board as they were the previous day, which showed improvement. After the forms were completed, Mr. Kuropatwa gave us the rest of the class to get started on our homework. For those who missed class either because they attended the grade 11 assembly or for different reasons, our homework was to do questions 1-7 on page 102-104.

.. Junar already did his post, so.. there are two posts based on yesterdays class?

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