Friday, September 21, 2007

Reconciling Bank Statement

On this day as we all know we have to start off with some metal math questions, and we did of course. Afterwards Mr. K started teaching us about Reconciling Bank Statement. And how we it works. Reconciling is a bank statement of all the things you bought and if you deposit any money or even withdrew some. And the bank sends you one in your mail every month. You need to make sure that your transaction record and the statement have no error or you would have to fill out a Reconciling Bank Statement to make sure. Any ways after he stopped talking about it he put us in groups to work on it but I didn’t understand what we had to do that time so my group and I had a lot a problem understanding it.

by lanna


Lani said...

Hi Lanna,

I was never lucky enough to have a teacher who considered mental math important :-(

Do you think these exercises are helpful? If you do, how?

Best wishes,

lacey_jane87 said...

Hey Lanna,

I find that math is so much more interesting if you are able to apply it to your life. So i think that Mr. K is teaching your class some very useful things by teaching you Consumer Math because not only are you using mathematical concepts but you are learning real life skills that you will use in the future. I know that personally that I was not not math in such a way and had to struggle at a later age when working with my personal banking. So I suggest keep this info stored because it will be very useful one day.

Lacey S (Mentor)
University of Regina

Crystal said...

It is very important to understand your bank statement so you know that all your money is accounted for. This Consumer Math is so important because you are learning real life skills for everyday use in the future. I know I struggle with keeping track of my spendings. Hopefully you will use this class to your advantage and keep track of your spendings.

Crystal F (Mentor)
University of Regina