Monday, January 21, 2008


Since it is the last blogging on blogging i'll try and make it as specific as i can. To be honest i am not as strong as the other students or shall we say my classmates when it comes to this course. There is still many things i have trouble on understanding such as for example :

A.) It's hard for me to understand the metric system
B.) Like how many is a yard
C.) If 1 feet = 12 inches

Another thing i have a lot of trouble is the SOH CAH TOH procedure :

i get confused over similar angles on how to find them, once the procedure is shown unto i seem to get it. But once it comes in a while i start to forget how to do it again, i basically have a difficult time on how to figure certain things over again.

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Lani said...

Hi BatangX,

I think that what is important is not how strong you are compared to other students, but rather how much have you learned! If you believe you have learned alot and know more now than when you began that is important!

I'm wondering if the smartboard slides on the blog can help you as you strive to understand the metric system and the SOH CAH TOH procedure more clearly before your exam? Do you think extra practice will be of value?

Best to you,