Monday, January 21, 2008

Last BOB

Hi Its Joyce!! =)

Throughout the semester, I have learned so much during my time in math class.

I think my most strongest point is the 'Wages and Salaries' Unit.
Remember these are the steps to calculate Gross Pay with overtime and regular pay.

Step 1 Add all the hours together
Step 2 Figure out your overtime hours (Subtract total hours by your regular hours)
Step 3 Overtime pay = (wage)(Overtime hours)(overtime rate)
Step 4 Regular pay = (wage)(regular hour)
Step 5 Gross Pay = Overtime pay + Regular Pay

My second strongest point is the 'Personal Banking' Unit
We learned about cheques and transactions. Just remember to keep track of what you are spending, so you don't get ripped off. =)

My third strongest unit is 'Consumer Decisions' This is my favorite. Alot of fun, fun, fun!
We learned how to...
- find the unit price of one
- find the GST, PST, or HST.
In my opinion, this unit was the best yet because you can actually use your knowledge from class to figure out the exact amount of money you are going to spend. Which I did, and surprised that my friends ask me how much something costs. They actually said I was smart 8)

My fourth is the 'Geometry' Unit. I already knew this kind of stuff from past experience.

My weakest topics are ratios. Sometimes I just don't understand alot of times. To be honest, ratios are hard for me and hard to understand. =)

This BOB isn't much. But if you want help, feel free to ask ;D I'll be available anytime if you want help, tell me in advance ;D

Good luck in the exams =)

To end this BOB, I am grateful that I get to experience math in a different way using the smartboard. It was really fun participating and writing on the board. I am also happy that I get to share this experience with you guys =)

Good luck to you all in the future =)


James said...

Joyce! I have a question!

Why did you EXACTLY found Ratios hard?

James =D

JoyceC said...

I'm not sure, its just hard for me to understand.


Lani said...

Hi Joyce,

You've done a very nice job of showcasing all that you have learned! And it's good to hear you enjoyed learning with the smartboard and the blog!

I'm thinking your ranking the units may be helpful to you as you prepare for your exam. Am I right?

Best to you,