Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What we learned in class today was how Angles could be viewed by different ways on how people may look at it. I learned that ANGLES OF DEPRESSION is a type of shape if you were to view it looking downwards, it doesn't matter where you look there always seems to be a shape. Also another type of angle i learned in class was ANGLES OF ELEVATION, how you may see an angle just be looking up or at the sky, there would always seems to be a shape no matter how you see it.

For Triangles i learned how SOH CAH TOA is used :
Sin = Opposite over Hypoteneuse
Cos = Adjacent over Hypoteneuse
Tan = Opposite Over Adjacent

For Some of the slides in todays assignment, i learned how to get the value of the ratios
a.) Sin 45 = 0.7071 ( you type in your calculator "sin" and the number then equals)
Same thing goes with the rest of the work we also did that relates to trigonametry
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