Sunday, January 13, 2008

Similar Triangles

Hello people , I will share what I have learned in today's class topic which is about similar

triangles. For you to know if triangles are similar the ratios should be the same and the angles

should be " congruent ". One more thing that i have learned is the square boxes inside a triangle

indicates that the angle is at a 90 degree angle and all triangles has a 180 degree angle to figure

this out is you add all the angles up. Another thing that I have learned that just came into my

mind is "Correspond" which has something to do with triangles too and we call it "Corresponding


I couldn't explain it anyhow by words so I'd use an example cause i feel its much easier to understand.

A B C and E F G

Side AB corresponds to Side EF
Side BC corresponds to Side FG
Side AC corresponds to Side EG

with both triangles having congruent angles and corresponding sides both triangles will be similar.

I have shared with you what I have learned today hope this will you people :] .

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Lani said...

Hi Aaron,

Thanks so much for your post! You're absolutely right that your visual example makes it much easier to understand!!

I'm a bit confused when you say that the ratios should be the same in similar triangles. Can you explain what ratios to me?