Monday, January 21, 2008

Thanks from the University of Regina

Hi everyone,
My students and I have had the wonderful opportunity to watch your progressions in your Consumer Math 20. We are all very grateful to have been able to act as mentors, to have commented on your posts, and to have learned from your feedback. I feel that my students, who will someday be teachers, have gained a better sense of what learning can look like in classrooms when an appropriate amount of technology is used. You are very lucky to have Mr. Kuropatwa as your teacher as I know he is someone that really "gets it", and he understands that learning is about connecting, and that learning is an important activity at all ages.

I work in a Faculty of Education where I help university students learn to become teachers. If any of you ever consider a career in education, I'd love to be able to give advice to you. Here is one of my favourite quotes about teaching.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ~William Arthur Ward
I'm am hoping that you have been inspired by this math course and by your teacher. We have been inspired by your work, and the work of Mr. Kuropatwa. It is still amazing to us that we have been able to connect to you in this way. Perhaps, someday, these connections will reappear.

The students of ECMP 355 and I want to wish you all of the best for the future. We want to thank you for teaching us, and working with us. Take care, and good luck to you all.

Dr. Alec Couros
Faculty of Education
University of Regina

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