Sunday, December 2, 2007


Sorry guys, my internets down.
Thursday in class we skipped mental math and went straight to a test about compairing unit prices. for example:
if Neil finds canned peas offered for sale at three cans for $3.19 in one store, five cans for $4.10 in a second and eight cans for $4.98 in a third. Which store has the lowest unit price?
Step 1:You have to divide it by itself to get one.
Step 2:You have to divide the same thing to the price.
Step 3:You have to comair the unit price of each store and see who has the lowest price.
First you have to find out how much the unit price is for one can for each store.

For the first store there`s three cans for $3.19 . You have to Divide 3 by 3 and the divide the price by 3 and you find the price of one:
3/3 = 1
$3.19/3 = $1.0633 (unit price)
For the second store there`s five cans for $4.10. You have to divide 5 by 5 and then divide the price by 5 and you find the price of one:
$4.10/5 = $0.82(unit price)
For the third store there`s eight cans for $4.98. you have to divide 8 by 8 and then divide the price by 8 and you find the price of one:
8/8 = 1
$4.98/8 = $0.622(unit price)
store 1 - $1.06
store 2 - $0.82
store 3 - $0.62
The lowest unit price/Best buy is eight cans for $0.62


After that we started to do some work on taxes. (GST & PST)
For Example:
How much tax will susan pay when she buys a stereo surround sound priced at $2595 in Manitoba?
How much will she pay all together for the system?
Step 1: First you have to find out how much GST(6%) will be.
Step 2: Second you have to find out how much PST(7%) will be.
Step 3: Third you have to add the two taxes together to find the total tax.
Step 4: Then you have to add the Price($2595) to the taxes.

[1] 6%/100 = 0.06 0.06 x $2595 = $155.70 (GST)
[2] 7%/100 = 0.07 0.07 x $2595 = $181.65 (PST)
[3] $155.70[GST] + $181.65[PST] = $337.35 - Total tax
Susan will have to pay $337.35 in taxes.
[4] $155.70[GST] + 181.65[PST] + $2595 = $2932.35
Susan will have to pay $2932.35 all together for the system.

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Anonymous said...

Hey kay-ti
I thought your blog post was awesome. I loved the color coding, it kept me interested! Calculating PST and GST are important skills to learn. I used to be heart renched when I went up to the counter to buy something for 20 dollars and it turned out to be closer to 23 (I'm kind of cheap). Now that you know how taxes work, you will not be faced with this problem.
Keep it up:)

University of Regina

Kimberly said...

This blog was very well formatted. I really like that you used an example and explained it thoroughly. I think it was a very good strategy to colour code your different amounts of cans and their price. It helps the reader quickly look at the information that they need to. I have a question for you! Have you ever tried this method when you go grocery shopping with your Mom/Dad? Or have you taught them this in order to save some money??? Good Job! I should really try and do this more often when I'm buying groceries! Keep up the good blogging!

Kimberly J. (Mentor)
University of Regina

JoyceC said...

Hi Kayti =D just wondering, who's the next scribe?