Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blogging on Blogging

It's meeeeeeeee. . . againnnn

In this section of Math, I found quite a lot of things interesting. However, one thing that has stuck with me was how you calculate the HST in the Atlantic Provinces.

Step 1: Look at the question. Does it have any Discounts or Other Items (More than one)

What is the total cost, including tax, of the socks and underwear, if the socks are $8.49 and the underwear is $14.88? There is a 20% discount on the items as well.

Step 2: If there are more than one item, add the items together. (If not, ignore this step)

$8.49 + $14.88 = $23.37

Step 3: If there is a discount, multiply the decimal form of the discount by the cost of the item(s), then subtract it from the cost of the item(s). (If no discount, ignore this step)

20% = 20 / 100 = 0.20

$23.37 x 0.20 = $4.67

$23.37 - $4.67 = $18.70

Step 4: Take the Sale Price (Cost after Discount) and multiply it by the decimal form of the HST.

14% = 14 / 100 = 0.14

$18.70 x 0.14 = $2.62

Step 5: Take the Tax and the Sale Price and add the two together. It will give you the Total Cost of the item.

$18.70 + $2.62 = $21.32

Step 6: You are completely done the question and you got very pricey socks and underwear ;) (But Holy God, that must be some pretty good socks and underwear)

Remember that if you are finding PST and GST, DON'T combine the two taxes when you calculate them. LEAVE THEM SEPARATED OR CONCEQUENCES WILL BE WAITING.

Remember to study and then we can all have a Britney Spears party =O If you don't study, cellulite will haunt you forever =OO


JoyceC said...

Hi James!

I like your sense of humor! Hehe.

Well my question for you is, what was your strongest point in this unit? and also what did you find useful in life?

From your best friend,
Joyce ;D

James said...

From your best friend,
Joyce ;D



And I found most of this stuff useful in my life, it is all associated with buying goods. I will need all of this in my life!

James-eh the Hooker =O

JoyceC said...

Hi James! It's me Joyce again.

Have you learned something new in this unit?

Was there any moment where you used your knowledge of taxes and sales in stores?

Lani said...

Hi James and Joyce!

James, thanks for the clear illustration for calculating HST! And Joyce, kudos to you for the probing questions!

I'm wondering now that you've been at this for a bit, how does the blog and your work here impact your learning?


James said...


I did learn how to calculate the tax in Quebec and Prince Edward Island. It was interesting. =D

(Stop sending me questions D=)


Yeah, the math and blog had impacted my learning, because when I get home, I can try to summarize what I learned, so that it makes sense in my mind. It makes it much more clearer to me, other than reading the notes.

If that's not what you asked, then I have no clue =(