Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Consumer Decisions

I learned a lot in this unit. This unit helped me gained more knowledge about taxes and sales. In real life, my mom asked me how much this jacket at GAP was. I told her the right amount with the 25% off sale and the PST and GST. When we went to the cashier, I was right. =) I felt so proud of myself.

Before I never knew about how to do all these taxes and sales. But I'm so happy I learned about it. This unit really helps me a lot especially in real life.

We learned about finding the unit price of one. Like for example,

At a fruit and vegetable stand, a dozen apples sells for $2.50. What is the price of one apple?

$2.50 / 12 = $0.21

So the unit price of one apple is $0.21

Then we learned about GST, PST, HST.

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax

PST stands for Provincial Sales Tax

HST stands for Harmonized Sales Tax. Harmonized Sales Tax is a combination of federal and provincial tax.

Here is an example of how to find GST and PST.

A customer purchases a new suit. The price of the suit is $285.00. What is the cost to the customer after GST and PST are added? The suit is purchased in Ontario.

Price of suit is $285.00

Now find GST and PST by converting the percent to decimal place. A reminder that PST in Ontario is 8%

GST - 6% / 100 = 0.06

PST - 8% / 100 = 0.08

Now multiply the price of the suit with the GST and then PST.

GST - $285.00 * 0.06 = $17.10

PST - $285.00 * 0.08 = $22.80

Now add the taxes together.

$17.10 + $22.80 = $39.90

Now add the price of the suit and the total taxes.

$285.00 + $39.90 = $ 324.90

And now, your done =)

Now here is an example of calculating HST.

Paul went to an electronic store and bought a CD player advertized at $450.00, a set of speakers at $235.00, and a portable telephone at $189.00. How much did he have to pay altogether including taxes? He bought these items in Nova Scotia.

Add all the prices together first.

$450.00 + $235.00 + $189.00 = $874.00

Now find HST of the total price of all the items that is being bought. HST in Nova Scotia is 14%

HST - $874.00 * 0.14 = $122.36

Add the total price of the items being bought and HST.

$874.00 + $122.36 = $996.36

Et Votre Fait! Yay! ( And Your Done! Yay! ) Hehe.

We also learned about the golden ratio.


Lani said...

Hi Joyce,

You've every right to be very proud of yourself!

Thanks for the examples on finding unit price (I use that alot when I'm trying to determine the best buys) and calculating taxes on sales! They are very helpful!

Is there anything in this unit that was difficult?


JoyceC said...

Hi Lani =)

There isn't really anything difficult in the unit we studied that I didn't get. =)

Hugs from,

James said...

Joyce, what is the Golden Ratio? Please describe in every detail what this is. I do believe that I was away that day, sick.

=) James the Hooker

JoyceC said...

Dear James,

The Golden Ratio is 1.618 . Mr. Kuropatwa said that this number is inside of us, and it is in our bodies. Like he explained that if we measure our arm, and then our elbow and down. you divide the long ways by the short way you will get the number 1.618 but if it`s not 1.618 it will be very close to 1.618

I hope that helps James. ;D

Hugs From,
Joyce ;)

James said...


Don't say dear, you're not being formal >_>

And thank you! I sort of got it, I just probably have to know the number.

But, why is it called the Golden Ratio, it doesn't have a ratio in it o_O

James-eh the Hooker

JoyceC said...

Hello James,

I'm trying to be formal here, hehe.

To answer your question. I don't know why it is called the golden ratio. But it can also be called as the 'Golden Number' I guess we call it the golden ratio when we divide.

Just a fact, The Golden Number/The Golden Ratio is like Pi (3.14...) ;D The golden number is always going on and on and on, just like Pi. ;D

Another Cool Fact. =P The golden number is often represented by a greek letter Phi (φ or ϕ or Φ) The closely related value which we write as phi with a small "p" is just the decimal part of Phi, namely 0·618034. =P]

From Joyce

James said...

Holy, not even a hug

James-eh the Hooker