Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007 Scribe

Holy, how time flies! This is my second scribe post since September 10th. So, I might not be doing this as well as others.

Well first off, today, we started by coming into the class and chatting to the people that sit near us. We stood for O'Canada and sat back down. Class started with Mental Math, as usual. Remember, if you got something wrong, you should come back to the Blog and see where/how you got the question wrong. Everyone should be getting 9 or 10's!

After the Mental Math, Mr. Kuropatwa asked us if we liked working in groups or solo. With the awesome response he got, we were divided into groups and worked on many questions. We basically worked on Perimeter/Circumfrence and Area questions.

Right at the end of class, we quickly looked at the formulas for Surface Area and Volume.



Triangle: P = a+b+c
Rectangle: P = 2 (L+W)
Square: P = 4s
Circle: C = πd OR C = 2πr


Triangle: A = 0.5bh
Rectangle: A = LW
Square: A = s2
Circle: A = πr2
Parallelogram: A = bh
Trapezoid: A = 0.5(Base 1 + Base 2)h


Rectangular Solid: SA = 2WH+2LW+2LH
Sphere: SA = 4πr2
Cone: SA = πrs (Slanted Sides Only)
Cylinder: SA = 2πrh+2πr2
Pyramid: SA = Area of Base + Perimeter of Base x Slant Height


Rectangular Solid: V = LWH
Sphere: V = (4/3)πr3
Cone: V = (1/3)πr2h
Cylinder: V = πr2h
Pyramid: V = (1/3)b2h

Anyways, CHRISTMAS IS 7 DAYS AWAY! =D and The Next Scribe Will Be: Cait ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! =D


JoyceC said...

Hey James,

Nice colors and the way you laid it out. I'm impressed. Hehe.

I have a 'question' >=P

Do you think you'll do great in this unit? Why or why not?

James said...


Stop bombarding me with questions :(

And to answer your question, I really don't know at this stage. It might be a 50/50 chance. I know for a fact I don't look forward to the project though o_O

Merry Christmas! James

JoyceC said...

How come you don't look forward to the project? It might be fun. =P

James said...

I don't look forward to the project, because I have no idea what we are supposed to do and projects take up so much marks and we are given such a little amount of time.

Merry Christmas! James

JoyceC said...

Thanks James for answering my questions! =)

Hugs From Joyce

James said...

You're quite welcome! =D

Merry Christmas! James

Lani said...

Hi James,

I loved the holiday cheer with the red and green text.

Don't know if this might help you with your exponents or not. If you are typing right into blogger--
You can put <sup> in front of the number you want to be an exponent and </sup> behind the number

2<sup>3</sup> = 8
and it will display like this

Comments do no allow this so I had to put it on another webpage.

Do you think?


James said...

Lani, that helped so much! =D Thanks so much, it looks a lot better and organized!

Merry Christmas! James