Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20 , Scribe Post

In our math class we started mental math first thing as always. Also we marked each others papers. Usually Mr Kuropatwa explains all the mental math questions on how to do them in a helpful way And if u still don't understand the question he will try and explain it again bit by bit or making it more easier to understand. After the mental math questions Mr K put us in groups. I was number 3 but moved to 4 =S. Anyways he put us in groups because its better to find out what other people have for the answers to the booklet. There are many ways to answer a question. Like different kinds of answers that u don't even know about that other people do. It is helpful to people if they don't understand the question or if they do understand the question they might want to know what new things on other peoples minds. And you even get to make new friends :D If we didn't do our homework then we had to do it in class.

There is one question i didn't understand in the booklet. How to find the perimeter of a Parallelogram like how to add 5 1/2 + 91/4 + 6 3/8= ????

I just cant wait till tomorrow. 1 MORE DAY TILL THE WINTER BREAK =D OHHHHHYEAAAA!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!! =D

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